How do you decide what to write about (this becomes your niche) and how do you then research your niches?

It’s a question pondered by many!

You could decide to “go with your passions”, or you could just look for the niches with the highest search count Or, perhaps you just focus on those niches which have little competition?

Researching your niche market is probably the key activity that can make your online business succeed or fail. Why do you think large organisations spend $millions on market research?? Because they get a return on that investment.

If you are not already making a decent income from Adsense or affiliate programs, you
should probably need to re-think the way you do your niche research.

I have just reviewed a report called “A Simple, Step-By-Step Formula to Uncover Red-Hot Niches” that tells you how the author, Myleena Phan, makes a living online by finding profitable niches, on which to write her articles and build her websites.

At first, I was surprised to learn that Myleena doesn’t have hundreds of websites.

In fact, the last time I asked her, she had only 6 sites, and each one of them is making an
average of $15 per day. That doesn’t sound like much, but it doesn’t take long to realize how it can all add up to over $15,000 per month.

Myleena says her secret is not unusually high traffic, nor sneaky SEO tactics, but simply in how she chooses her niches.

In her free report, she explains how she first starts with a broad idea, puts it into the free
Wordtracker Keyword Suggestion tool, and analyzes sub-keywords until she finds “the” golden nugget.

She says that finding a profiable niche is not about luck, nor finding keywords with hundreds of thousands of searches per month, but about starting with a big list and eliminating counter-productive topics until you are left with the best.

What I like the most about the report is that it gives you a systematic approach to niche hunting.

Not only will you learn how to use a set of filters to select your niches, but also WHY and
HOW you should do it.

It’s not a “trust me, it works” method as you will learn the whole logic behind the system. You don’t have to take my word for it – you can see for yourself by downloading it now!

By the way, Myleena’s report is absolutely free to download. But you must act fast before Myleena comes to her senses and decides to sell it!

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Is everyone now blogging? It seems that it’s hard to find anyone who does not blog. (Well, actually, my mother doesn’t blog – yet!)

The popularity and simplicity of blogging has made it easy for everyone to do.

Whether you host your own blog or use one of the free blog hosting companies ( and spring to mind) the most important thing is to attract visitors.

If you don’t mind sharing your articles, you can provide an RSS feed to allow others to reproduce your content on their on blogs. This can provide you with links back to your own blog which visitors can follow.

Have your ‘ping’ services set up properly and your blog software will automatically notify the wider world whenever your post.

You can comment, appropriately and responsibly, on the blogs of others and hope that they leave such links live for others to follow back. NEVER try to post your own article on someone else’s blog unless you are invited to act as a guest blogger there!

Make use of the new service Entrecard to network with fellow bloggers and exchange advertisements with them. Also, register at and include their widget on your sidebar.

Register for a Twitter account ( and with the Twitter plug in you can publicise your posts through the Twitter network .

Don’t just write an article and post it and hope for the best! Do what you can to ensure others have an opportunity to read your words – it’s all rather a waste of time otherwise!